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Alexey Brodkin

Engineering Manager
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Alexey Brodkin is an engineering manager at Synopsys. He's been working with embedded systems for years starting from 8-bit MCUs and gradually shifting to high-performance multi-core 32- & 64-bit CPUs. Alexey is the ARC architecture custodian at U-Boot bootloader, the co-maintainer of Linux kernel port for ARC, as well as a casual contributor to some other open source projects that he uses in his professional affairs. Today, with the increased complexity of deeply embedded systems, which requires the use of more complicated software, Alexey tries to apply his knowledge and experience with software tools and Linux environment to the Zephyr RTOS CI (which stands for Continuous Improvements among other things).
Tuesday, October 11

10:40 CEST

14:00 CEST

16:10 CEST

17:10 CEST

Wednesday, October 12

09:00 CEST

10:45 CEST

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12:35 CEST

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17:20 CEST

Thursday, October 13

08:15 CEST

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12:15 CEST

13:05 CEST

14:30 CEST

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