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Gary Bisson

Boundary Devices
Software Engineer
Gary has been working on embedded software development for several years in various industries. He is now part of Boundary Devices, focusing on adapting Linux and Android to reference designs as well as custom hardware. His work also includes contribution to open-source projects such as the Linux kernel as well as maintaining NXP packages support for the Buildroot project.
Tuesday, October 11

07:30 CEST

10:40 CEST

11:40 CEST

14:00 CEST

15:00 CEST

17:10 CEST

Wednesday, October 12

09:00 CEST

10:45 CEST

11:45 CEST

14:00 CEST

Thursday, October 13

09:00 CEST

11:15 CEST