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Jan Lübbe

After building Linux smartphones with OpenMoko and deploying open source GSM networks to cruise ships, Jan Lübbe joined Pengutronix in 2012 as a kernel hacker. Since then he started the RAUC and labgrid projects. In his free time, Jan builds open mesh networks at the Stratum 0 hacker space in Brunswick. Previously, he presented at ELC-E 2016/2017/2019/2022, FOSDEM, the Linux Days in Chemnitz and the OSADL Networking Days.
Tuesday, October 11

10:40 CEST

11:40 CEST

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16:10 CEST

18:10 CEST

Wednesday, October 12

09:00 CEST

11:45 CEST

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16:30 CEST

17:20 CEST

Thursday, October 13

09:00 CEST

10:00 CEST

11:15 CEST

12:15 CEST

14:30 CEST

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