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Kevin Hilman

BayLibre, Inc.
Kevin has been a Linux user since 1994, and a kernel hacker since 1999when he started writing drivers and working on kernel ports to new embedded platforms. He has been a driver/kernel developer for Equator Technologies, MontaVista, Texas Instruments, Linaro and currently a co-founder and Sr. engineer at BayLibre, an embedded Linux consultancy.
Tuesday, October 11

09:00 CEST

09:10 CEST

10:40 CEST

11:40 CEST

14:00 CEST

15:00 CEST

16:10 CEST

18:10 CEST

Wednesday, October 12

09:00 CEST

11:45 CEST

14:00 CEST

15:00 CEST

Thursday, October 13

10:00 CEST

11:15 CEST

17:00 CEST

17:20 CEST