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Brent Roman

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Software Engineer
Like many budding geeks, I became fascinated by computers as a teenager in 80's, writing games in BASIC. By age 15, I somehow found myself working after school, for $3 hour, in a garage, next to a drill press, writing software in 8085 and Z-80 assembler to control concrete ready-mix plants.

After graduating from the University of California at Santa Cruz, I worked a brief stint at the Santa Cruz Operation (SCO), where I discovered Linux and never looked back.

Since 2000, I've been the software part a small, focused team at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute that fields semi-autonomous robotic instruments for collecting and classifying waterborne microorganisms in real-time.

In 2005, I presented "Embedding Ruby into a Robotic Marine Laboratory" at Rubyconf

In 2013, I gave a talk at ELC entitled "Making Linux do Hard Real-Time"