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Melissa Rancourt

greenlight for girls
Founder & Chairman
Engineer and Entrepreneur. Educator and Creator.
Melissa Rancourt is the Founder of the international non-profit organisation, greenlight for girls, which inspires girls in STEM studies & careers around the world. This organisation, very near and dear to her heart, was founded to address the issue of the declining or stagnant percentage of women in several STEM (science, engineering, technology & mathematics) fields. In just a few years, it has reached more than 13,000 students with its hands-on fun-filled science events focused on inspiring the future generation. With a team of more than 2,500 volunteers worldwide, the organisation has conducted more than 90 events on 6 continents.

Her passion for inspiring others to follow her footsteps as an engineer is also coupled with companies she has created to fulfil other interests. In her engineering business, she helps companies in any industry & region to grow and design their business, products & services internationally by driving efficiency and leveraging creativity in their business. She is an owner of a Brussels-based luxury wellness centre and is driving its growth by 25% each year to prepare for its international expansion. In addition, Melissa is the Academic Director of a Global Executive Master Degree in Strategic Design & Management at Parsons leading a new program in Paris, NYC & Shanghai.